Cura Coffee is available in light, medium, and dark roasts. A common misconception about coffee is that the more flavorful or stronger coffees have more caffeine, when in fact that is just the opposite. For those who want a stronger, bolder, richer taste, typically a dark roast will suffice, however if caffeine is really what you're after, go for the light roast. Light roasts yield beans that are lighter in color, show little to no oil on the outside of the bean, and have a higher level of caffeine. Those preferring a bolder taste, should go for the medium roast which produces a darker bean with slightly less caffeine but a rich flavor. Dark roasts produce beans that are a deep, dark shade of brown and have an oily surface. The flavor is often described as richer and fuller bodied, with a pronounced bitterness, yet with less acidity than light or medium roasts.

At the Jennings House Cafe, we take our mantra "Community Connecting Through Coffee" seriously. But our concern for community is not just limited to the amazing small village of Point Loma that we live and work in, but the global community as well. That is why for our house brewed coffee, we have partnered with and feature the pioneering direct-trade Cura Coffee, with Point Loma roots.

Cura Coffee is a direct-trade coffee company that provides dental care to the families of coffee farmers and indigenous people in the coffee growing regions of Nicaragua. In these rural areas, medical and dental care is scarce if not non-existent. With every cup sold, Cura Coffee helps fund trips to Nicaragua for dentists and dental technicians from Loma Linda University who join dental students and professors from UNCIA (University Catolica of Nicaragua) to provide dental care to the community. Over the past ten years, thousands of dental procedures have been completed at no cost to the Nicaraguan patients.

San Diego dentist and Point Loma Nazarene University alumnus Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick developed his dream for Cura Coffee (Cura meaning "care" or "cure" in Latin) by teaming up with Tierra Nueva Coffee Cooperative to help market and sell their organic and premium small batch quality coffee in the United States. In conjunction with the nonprofit Cura Smiles Foundation, Dr. Fitzpatrick and Cura Coffee provide direct support and funding for dental care through coffee sales, coffee brewing events, gift packages, fundraisers, and other activities. In 2016, Cura extended its services for local San Diego homeless and impoverished citizens in need of dental care as well.

The new owners of the Jennings House Cafe have proudly supported and served Cura Coffee as members of Cura's Board of Directors since Cura's founding. Now with our purchase and renovation of the Jennings House Cafe, we will celebrate and extend the historical significance and reach of our cafe's location and citizens by featuring a coffee started by locals that is changing lives across the globe.

For more information on Cura Coffee, please visit curacoffee.com

12 ounce bags of premium Nicaraguan grown and San Diego roasted Cura Coffee are also available for purchase at the Jennings House Cafe.