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Community Connecting Through Coffee

About us


Located in the heart of the Village, Jennings House Café provides a coffee experience like no other. This historic landmark was built in 1886 by San Diego County Sheriff Frank Jennings (1895-1902) and his wife Inez, who used it as their primary residence for several years. Sheriff Jennings was a prominent lawyer and businessman active in real estate development and other entrepreneurial endeavors. He and his ancestors are, to this day, recognized as having been prominent and respected citizens in the community.

The home has stood the test of time and has become an icon in the Village, continuing to offer warmth, comfort, and an inviting atmosphere to those who visit. Its historic architecture has been well preserved and is complemented by period photography throughout, capturing Point Loma in the late 1800 and early 1900’s.

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Jennings House

Event Space

Are you looking for space to host a business lunch, board meeting, family gathering, book club, or other special event? Our Library, or second floor, is the space for you! It is an ideal venue for a private gathering to share in conversation, discussion, or to celebrate any occasion or event.

Whether your plans are formal or casual, for a group of 5 or 40, our team will work with you to ensure that your needs are met and that every detail of your special day is taken care of. Let us help you by entertaining your guests in our home, in an atmosphere that provides comfort and intimacy, as well as great food, an array of hot and cold beverages, and decadent desserts!..

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Cura Coffee is available in light, medium, and dark roasts. A common misconception about coffee is that the more flavorful or stronger coffees have more caffeine, when in fact that is just the opposite. For those who want a stronger, bolder, richer taste, typically a dark roast will suffice, however if caffeine is really what you're after, go for the light roast. Light roasts yield beans that are lighter in color, show little to no oil on the outside of the bean, and have a higher level of caffeine.

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